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Welcome to our page. We are moms, educators and therapists who hold a firm belief in gentle, mindful parenting. We hope to empower you with current research, personal stories, and inspired readings to help you approach parenting through a mindful awareness of how your connection to your children affects their present and future behaviors and emotional intelligence. When children are treated with kindness, respect and unconditional acceptance they have the freedom to grow in to healthy, compassionate and responsible adults.

Simplicity Parenting

I recently joined the affiliate program at Simplicity Parenting, which only made sense because I LOVE his work (you may have read my posts click here, click hereclick here, and the giveaway to his Simplicity Parenting webinar click here - I haven't yet finished my post on how much I LOVED the webinar).

Anyway, here is a link to his website, where you can download mp3 recordings or order a CD, DVD or book. I highly recommend his basic Simplicity Parenting webinar - if you every have the opportunity to "attend" live, great! Otherwise, you can buy and download them from his website. The individual recordings are quite affordable, so it's a good way to listen to them on a budget.

I hope to have my piece written about his most recent webinar in the next week or two. In the meantime, here's his website:

Click here to visit Simplicity Parenting Shop.

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